APC Shooting Tactics is now offering the Illinois Concealed Carry License Course. Please visit the Course Description page for details and the Upcoming Courses page to register. You can also subscribe to the APC Newsletter at the bottom of the page to receive the latest course announcements and self defense news.

As always, APC Shooting Tactics is still offering custom/one-on-one instruction.

Armed Protected Citizen Shooting Tactics brings the latest in Law Enforcement Shooting techniques to the civilian population. All courses are designed for both men and women alike with safety and patience being the top priority during instruction. APC offers top quality instruction in the following areas:

  • Illinois Concealed Carry License Course
  • Utah Concealed Carry Permit Certification Course*
  • Arizona Concealed Carry Permit Certification Course**
  • Florida Concealed Carry Permit Certification Course***
  • Advanced Pistol Courses
  • Custom Self Defense/Home Defense Courses

*Allows Illinois residents to carry in Wisconsin      **Adds KS, NM, and SC as a carry states.      ***Illinois residents must have a FL CCW to carry in Florida.